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Production Management One Jun 1, 2015 12:14:50 PM 3 min read

Why Choose A Mobile Stage Rental Over A Conventional Stage?

There are many reasons why people choose a mobile stage rental over a conventional stage. Mostly because they are:

  • versatile
  • convenient
  • safe  
  • and budget friendly

As their name suggests, mobile stages are a specially designed trailer that can be towed to an outdoor venue, parked in place and then opened up into a stage. These stages can go virtually anywhere! They are entirely self-contained and house all of the necessary components within the trailer unit.


This SL100  was set up on a cruise ship! (Photo courtesy of Stageline)

Mobile stages require significantly less set-up and strike time, fewer people to assemble, and typically take up less area than a conventional stage. Some of the smaller options that are available lend themselves exceptionally well to events held in streets or other community spaces. Events that travel to multiple locations, such as tours or road-shows, will also usually find that these will prove very practical.

With a mobile stage system, all of the components, including the floor and roof, are secured permanently to the main chassis of the trailer. This means that there is less moving parts, so to speak, and reduces potential safety hazards as a result of which.

Performance Staging currently offers the Stageline SL100 and SL260 models.

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