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PM1 Studios

Your Virtual Event HQ

Full-Service Virtual Meetings, Remote Meetings, Video Broadcasting, and Conferencing Services

Our Mission is to help YOU create better Live, Virtual and Hybrid Events.

The Full PM1 Studios Experience

PM1's Virtual capabilities enable full utilization of today's leading conferencing, content sharing, and live-streaming technologies under one roof. From audio/video capture to switching, graphics, and show flow we've run hundreds of VIRTUAL events from our studios. (And dozens of onsite, remote records, live-streams and HYBRID events!)

Until live events with live audiences happen again, we'd like to give our clients, and YOUR clients a way to host virtual meetings, conferences, broadcasts, and professional video from wherever you may need.

We're here to help YOU build better LIVE, VIRTUAL and HYBRID EVENTS

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Livestreamed Video Conference

Bring in a small number of speakers (with a limit of about 9 on screen at the same time) who can hear and see each other. We'll configure the endpoint so that the entire hosted event is streamed live (or saved for later playback).

Available options for streaming:

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Periscope
  • Private Vimeo Streams
  • Upload to larger broadcast platforms

For large audiences who don't want to download an application, don't need to interact via voice (feedback to presenters available via direct import of Facebook/YouTube/Twitter comments) this is a unique option. 

Online Webinars

Using tools like Zoom, Skype, and Teams

If you're struggling with being the presenter, moderator, producer, and host of a meeting this is how we can help:

  • Live Switching of up to six panelists and nearly unlimited participants 
  • Conference Backgrounds
  • Breakout Room Moderation
  • Muting and Unmuting Guests and Speakers
  • Realtime tech support via chat
  • Panelist briefing pre-show
  • Video Playback
  • Powerpoint Playback
  • Audio Sharing for Virtual DJ's
  • Determining what's the best application for your audience needs
  • Virtual Tickets with hidden event URL
  • Attendee "Conference Package" downloads


Broadcast News Style

Imagine that this is like you becoming your own cable news channel. Your participants connect to our software, and we can layer text, graphics and video effects to create the entire broadcast experience. Live switching enables "picture in picture" capability of a matrix of participants, or going just to the presenter who's speaking. 

Safe Studio Space

As Social Distancing restrictions relax, PM1 offers you studio space in our facilities to ensure that your message is able to be heard. Our equipment and crews are onsite to help your company ensure communications with your employees and customers.

  • Full Audio, Lighting, & Video
  • Live Streaming
  • Webcasts
  • Small Audience Hosting <50
  • Set Construction
  • Set Design
  • Onsite Crew
  • Your Drop-Shipped Equipment
  • Onsite Parking
Equipment Consulting, Rental and Purchase

You've had it with your laptop's camera, the fact that everyone says they can't hear you, and that the lighting look of your backlit picture window makes seeing your face by a webcam nearly impossible. We're here to help.

PM1 has a list of minimum standards for effective online communication. If you (or your audience) deserves an upgrade to your appearance online, we offer camera upgrades, microphone upgrades, and energy-efficient portable LED broadcast lighting to go full pro on a temporary rental, long-term rental, or equipment package purchase.

  • We have options for MAC’s, PC’s, and tablets.
  • Available addons include in-ear monitors, push to talk micorophones, tripods, backdrops, greenscreens, and LED TV’s for animated logo and graphics.
Equipment can be drop-shipped or installed discreetly by PM1 Staff within 100 miles of Detroit, DC and Orlando.
Download the PM1 Virtual Event Guidebook

Our best #protips for your 2021 events

PM1 Studios Virtual Event Guidebook

Free guide, no obligations, just our best #protips for your success. We'll text you a link right now!

Let's come up with the PLAN

A quick review of your needs, and a follow-up intake and advisory appointment as soon as you're ready. You'll get a quick easy-accept estimate, and then we start pre-production when you're ready with content, assets, and a run-of-show.


Whether you need help coordinating pre-recorded content with live content, managing secure registrations, adding graphics or a full-service partner to ensure the best virtual participation available we've got you covered.

Alleviating Your Virtual Event Anxiety


This quick example shows "Who Sees What" in a virtual event.

We've found that most of our clients lose a HUGE amount of their virtual event anxiety just by having an "AHA" moment when they see what happens DURING a virtual event.

(Click on the Share Button on the bottom left for a full-screen version.)


PM1's teams have combined decades of service in the event production, meeting production, and entertainment production industries.