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Production Management One
Crowd Control Barricade Rental

Crowd Control Barricade Rental | Concert Barricade Rental

Crowd control barricades provide facility security and spectator safety. Barricades move easily into place and setup without tools. The base floor is tapered (minimizing trip hazard); the top of the wall is rounded (minimizing injury hazard); and is made with a perforated steel that allows visibility and sound blow-through. Units feature a built-in step which allows personnel reach and leverage. Units lock together without tools.

  • Utmost in safety for patrons and security
  • Tapered floors reduce tripping and rounded tops minimize injury
  • Built in step for better security management
  • Solid construction
  • Simply set in location and lift to locked position
  • Combine multiple units fast and easy
  • Stores flat for compact storage
  • Mesh walls provide greater visibility for security and fans
  • Allow lights, smoke, and sound to pass through
  • Optional corner pieces allow for thrust layouts to create inside and outside angles

Production Management One is the largest rental house in the U.S. for StageRight crowd control barricade.  

Bike Rack Barricade | French Barricade

Our bike rack style barricade is made for quick and easy transport and can be used as standalone pieces or linked together to create a solid barrier. This style is great for outdoor use and the flat feet bases are made to prevent tripping. This classic style is often used during parades, marathons, and to create a guided path. PM1 prides itself on being one of the largest rental houses in the nation for bike rack barricade.


Design Examples

  • Crowd Control Barricade Rental
  • Crowd Control Barricade Rental
  • Crowd Control Barricade Rental
  • Concert Barricade Rental
  • Concert Barricade Rental
  • Event Bike Rack Barricade
  • Concert Barricade Rental
  • Concert Barricade Rental
  • Event Crowd Control Bike Rack Barricade Rental
  • Event Bike Rack Crowd Control Rental
  • Sample Thrust Stage with Optional Turn Sections of Crowd Control Barricade
  • Side View: Crowd Control Barricade
  • Top View: Crowd Control Barricade
  • Back View: Crowd Control Barricade Rental


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