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SL50 Mobile Stage Rental

Budget Conscious Stage for Events; Quick Setup

The smallest mobile stage model in our fleet. Bring a mobile stage to your next event with easy deployment, affordable cost, and the safety that comes from an engineered stage.

  • 20' wide x 16' deep basic configuration
  • Sets up in 15 minutes


SL100 Mobile Stage Rental

Small enough to fit anywhere, large enough for a full band!

Bring a load-bearing roof to your next event with easy deployment, affordable cost, and the safety that comes from an engineered stage.

  • 24' wide x 20' deep basic configuration
  • Sets up in 30 minutes to 2 hours
  • Blow-thru mesh or vinyl back wall
  • Dozens of configurations available

Why a Mobile Stage?

For years the fair and festival industry built stages on the ground and brought in a separate roof system to hang the lighting and sound. Other countries, namely Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia found that a complete structure, engineered to withstand wind, rain, and the stresses of transport did much better in terms of safety, setup time and overall ease of use.

For PM1 it's our only option when it comes to provide a complete stage and integrated roof for your next concert, fair, festival or special event. By renting only Stageline brand stages, we're offering the safest equipment in the industry. Our stages are re-certified every year for safety and operation and our technicians carry a Stageline-issued certification that they've been properly trained on the equipment. Expect the best, and insist that your provider show you their safety and technician certifications.

Why Should You Get Your Mobile Stage at Production Management One?

  • Experience
    We set up our mobile stages almost every weekend. We've driven them on the most expensive Baseball fields in existence, and backed them into places you'd have a hard time getting into with a minivan
  • Additional Decks & Equipment
    We stock  decks, and provide two stairways on request. We also have an entire inventory of StageRight decks to create integrated loading docks, guitar & monitor world side stage access areas, scaffold to create larger speaker bays, and the largest inventory of Stageright Concert Barricade available for rent in North America (which is enough to do an entire three-stage music festival including runs to FOH!)


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