Concert Stage Rental

Need a stage for a concert, festival or other musical event? We've put almost every type of musical performance on stage from quartets to symphonies, rock bands to some of best DJ/Producers in the World. We also specialize in stage design, meaning it doesn't have to be just an elevated rectangle!

Mobile Stage Rental

Stageline Mobile Stages provide mobile stage rental from our locations in Orlando, Florida and Detroit, Michigan.

Runway Rental

Fashion show runways or "catwalks" are something we specialize in. From small private showings to full-blown fashion show events we can build them indoors, outdoors, on uneven terrain and even in pools!

Pool Cover Stage Rental

These became such a popular item for us that we launched a separate brand called "Waltz on Water" to cater directly to those customers. From weddings to corporate events, "We've got you covered."

Round Stage Rental

We rent a 22.5' diameter round stage with a carpeted side and a black fiberglass side. We can also add additional decks in the center and edges to increase the size. The round pieces also make great thrust pieces on the front of a stage, and use our existing leg systems. The round stage can be setup from ground height up to about 48". Each half can be setup separately, giving two half-circle stages, or four quarter-circle stages.

Automobile Stage Rental

Need to put a car on a stage? Not a problem. We also build ramps to make stage access simple. 

Stage Risers

Need a riser on your existing stage for a DJ or Choir? We have custom deck sizes and shapes for everyone. Need to elevate the audience? Check out our First Class Audience Risers.

Rolling Drum Risers

Need to fulfill a Band's rider request for a rolling drum risers? We can build normal 8' x 8' or 8' x 12' rolling or static drum risers with skirting at 12", 24" or pretty much any height you'd need.

Stage Access & Safety

From completely code-compliant steps and guardrails to ADA-compliant ramps and elevators, we make sure that your talent, guests, and anyone who accesses the stage is able to do so safely and effectively.