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Production Management One Dec 16, 2016 1:16:58 PM 2 min read

A PM1 Niche: The Platform Pool Cover


Are all pool cover rentals the same? <Clears Throat> No!

nightpoolcover.jpgPerformance Staging's signature Pool Cover Rental service has the option to use an aluminum bridging beams or steel scaffold to span the width of the pool, elevating the entire platform above the edge of the deck. This is useful for several reasons:

  • Elevating the sightlines for the people on the cover of the crowd gathered on the deck (in the case of the photo above, to see the DJ or in the photo below, to position an entire band!)
  • Faster installation times, yielding much less labor, resulting in a much lower overall cost
  • The home above was a rental, and the owner didn't want there to be anything in the pool
  • Raised dance floors are a thing. Just go to a club!
  • Elevating the cover over the pool allows for programmable, battery-powered, color-changing LED lighting to be installed under the cover (photos above and below)

Get started with your platform pool cover project: