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Production Management One Aug 7, 2018 10:29:18 AM 2 min read

Bleacher Rental for Pine Lake Country Club Swim Meet

Pine Lake Bleacher Seating Rental

(West Bloomfield, Michigan) - Production Management One recently installed this custom seating system for 580 spectators at the Pine Lake Country Club for a swim meet. The elevated bleachers provided ideal sight lines to the action while the coverings ensured shade and shelter from the elements. 

Pine Lake Bleacher Seating Rental

Not shown is a walkway under the entire length of the grandstand. PM1's bleachers are a premium solution for maximizing your event capacity. Manufactured by Bil-jax, they're able to start at the ground level or elevated as seen here in a "grandstand" style. We also stock small 50-person units that are a great way to add small capacity to smaller events. These "super bleachers" can go VERY big - up to 5,000 seats or more depending on available setup area.

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