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Production Management One Jan 2, 2015 9:30:16 AM 2 min read

Bleacher Rentals Maximize Your Event Capacity

Want to maximize your next events attendance and ticket sales? We've got just the solution for that, bleacher rentals from Production Management One.

Bleacher Rental

We have both small and large capacity bleachers in a variety of custom size configurations to fit either a small crowd of 50 or a large crowd of 10,000 plus. Versatile and designed for safety and strength, our bleachers can accommodate both indoor and outdoor event needs. 

Whether it’s a marathon, a parade, a sporting event, or any other event where seating is needed, we have a complete stock of portable bleachers. Bleacher systems can also be elevated to support the location of spectators and sight lines. We have a wide range of accessories available to enhance your bleacher configuration including: 

  • steps/stairs
  • seats
  • hand rails
  • guard rails
  • mesh skirting
  • access ramps

With set up and take down completed by our own experienced staff, your next bleacher rental is only an email or phone call away. Need assistance or a quote? We're here to help.  No pressure, just questions answered.