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Production Management One May 3, 2019 3:11:19 PM 5 min read

Nationwide Political Event Production

Political Event Production by PM1

PM1 offers your campaign advance teams, planners, and production teams one-call access to nationwide full political event production and press support. Given a street corner, empty gymnasium, or convention center and we'll fill it with all the experts, gear and knowledge necessary to cue the announcer and stream hundreds of cameras. Knowing that these events are part of making our country's history is the exciting part; keeping their mission-critical timetables is where we excel.

From Press Risers to crowd control; camera platforms to wiring, power and signal routing we do it all.

The Anatomy of a Political Event

A city is announced, and within 24 hours PM1's team is onsite to do a venue walk thru with the advance team. We provide design considerations, room layout suggestions, and start making checklists of all the gear we'll need to deploy. Within minutes pre-built carts of press risers, camera platforms, bleachers, audio gear, podiums, teleprompter, carpet, flags, bunting, crowd control, and more get loaded into trucks. Quotes are written, signed off, and wheels move. Often, there's less than an hour available before the gear needs to leave a location for deployment to one, if not multiple cities. And often, this is duplicated by as many as six events each day.

RENDER 2 copyWhy PM1 Excels at Political Events

  • It's about knowing the process. PM1's background - Elite Productions and Electrum Productions, which merged into PM1 in 2018 - worked together daily in the 2016 Presidential Campaigns. The two companies (now PM1) partnered for the last 10 years to produce these events.
  • PM1 supports campaigns at the local, state, and national levels.
  • Coordinating in-the-field needs with our warehouses (Detroit, DC, Iowa and Orlando) as well as hundreds of different labor unions, external suppliers, and venue teams is a distinct advantage.
  • Exact inventory counts allow us to field multiple deployments at once, often with teams leapfrogging each other across the country.
  • Our staff is well-versed, background-checked, and familiar with the territory, parlance, and last-minute needs.
  • We own the gear. We're not scratching our heads about where to find code-compliant stairs for an event tomorrow in Iowa. They're ours. They'll be there.

Chances are if you've watched TV recently, you've seen PM1's work. We offer full renderings to campaign managers and production teams to get YOUR room ready for YOUR candidate. Click the button below to get in touch with our leads.

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