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Production Management One Oct 11, 2016 1:50:52 PM 2 min read

Swimming Pool Stage 101

PM1 Waltz On Water Pool Cover

As we watch other companies twitter streams, we wonder quite often if they're even paying attention. Doing one "swimming pool stage" a year doesn't make you the expert, it makes you a copycat. Plus, we're not really sure who would google "swimming pool stage" to begin with. Most American's don't say "swimming pool", they just say "pool". 

We've been building and renting pool stages for over ten years, and have taken the time to develop a specialized brand, Waltz on Water to speak directly to event planners, wedding planners, and our favorite, end users. 

We've covered pools like the Versace Mansion (photo above) and even been on cruise ships (photo below) and despite looking everywhere, can't find anyone who does it like we do.

PM1 Waltz On Water Pool Cover

If you're looking for a "swimmin' pool stage" (reminds me of grandma) for your next event, go ahead and call us for a quote or check out a few swimming pool stage examples here.  Our engineered pool covers are the best out there. 

If you're ready to begin the process, fill out our online pool cover information sheet. If you're still learning, check out our Beginner's Guide to Covering Your Pool.