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Production Management One Feb 17, 2015 10:59:00 AM 4 min read

6 Unexpected Uses For Pool Cover Rentals (Updated for 2019!)

pm1-diplomat-cover-18So you've heard all the buzz about Pool Cover Rentals and it got you thinking, "What could I use this for?" Well, to be quite honest, just about anything! We've gone back and updated this and added a new one moving this from 5 to 6!

Some unexpected uses for our pool cover rentals include:

  1. Trade Shows! The photo above highlights a recent event we installed in Fort Lauderdale showcasing our premium pool cover for use as trade show exhibit space.
  2. Creating additional space: You'd think this one would be a given, right? But most folks don't realize the potential of simply gaining additional space by covering their pool. 
  3. Dance floor: Yes, you can actually dance on it. ( Try accenting with submersible LED lights! This groovey dance floor could make even the most timid wall flower wanna boogy on down.)
  4. Dinner Seating: Our pool covers are a great place to set up seating for your next party. Don't try to cram everyone into that tiny dining room, thrill your guests with a unique breakfast, lunch or dinner experience over the water.
  5. Entertainment Stage: Having a band or DJ at your next event and don't know where to put them? Use our pool cover as a stage!
  6. Pool Sports/Swim Meets: Having a water volleyball match or a swim competition? Use our pool cover rentals to support your equipment, adjust your water level or even seat an audience.

Our pool covers are built with the same reliable and well-known StageRight product that we base our business on. Some of the custom features of our pool cover dance floors include:

  • they can cover any shape or size, from a basic rectangular shape, to oval, or kidney shape
  • they can be made to accommodate the entire length and or width of your pool, or just a portion
  • they are available in a variety of surfaces, traditionally black fiberglass or turf
  • also available in clear plexiglass surface for that WOW factor that turns any pool into a elegant setting
  • they are durable and engineered to support the weight of any type of event 
  • they can be accented with submersible LED lighting or floating candles to set the mood

With quick and easy installation and removal you have more time to focus on what really matters, your next amazing event! Need assistance or a quote? We're here to help. No pressure, just questions answered.


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