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No Bananas At this Art Basel Dinner Pool Cover In Miami Beach

(Miami Beach, Florida) This year's Art Basel (an annual exhibition of modern art on Miami Beach that's been happening here since 1970) surprised nobody when bananas duct-taped to a wall sold for $120,000 each. But beyond the need to understand that "art is temporary, like a banana" each year the event draws thousands to the area to celebrate contemporary art just when it's beginning to become miserable in most of the USA. Fashion magazines go "bananas" posting photos of who was at what party, what they were wearing, and whether or not Leonardo Di Caprio showed up. When PM1 was approached by a local events company to help with an event pool cover for their dinner party, we jumped on the opportunity to help. We're not the only company that covers pools in Florida; but we might be the best.

Art Basel Pool Cover in Miami Beach Florida

The pool cover rental was purposely a "partial" as it was designed to hold a very special dinner party the night after the installation. (Above Photo) PM1 Crews polish the decks prior to a final client walkthru. (Below Photo) The next day, PM1's Tom Baclawski came back to add additional lighting for the event, popping the colors all over the backyard to add to the event's look and feel.

Art Basel Pool Cover in Miami Beach Florida

Art Basel Pool Cover in Miami Beach Florida

If you're looking for an engineered solution to hosting your next backyard event, reach out now for some insight, guidance, and capability. PM1 installs covers throughout North America and the Caribbean and has ongoing projects in Dubai, South America and the Philippines.

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