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Production Management One Dec 6, 2016 1:48:40 PM 2 min read

Concert Barricade Rental Explained

Concert Barricade Rental

Concert barricade rental - also sometimes called "Crash Barricade" or "Mojo Barricade" is designed so that when crowds push on it, it doesn't budge.

You'll also notice in the photo above that it includes steps for your security team to get up above the crowd, giving them the ability to spot problems and react quickly.

Pictured above are a few pieces that most companies don't offer: inside and outside turns. This barricade is at its strongest when linked and locked together. Performance staging's turn sections allow for this without losing strength.

We deploy our concert barricade in easily-transportable carts of six that can be rolled off a truck onto a loading dock, or forked into place by heavy equipment, cutting down on installation labor and time.

If you need more information, please contact us. We currently own more crash barricade than anyone in the Eastern United States.

Each 48" section has blow-through steel mesh for acoustic transparency, ensuring that your subwoofer bass cabinets shake your audience as they were intended. 

We'd suggest that your concert barricade be at least the width of your stage, and in most cases, a run-off of 16'-20' is recommended for best practices. Get a quick quote for delivery & pickup or full-service with installation labor included.

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