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Production Management One Jun 9, 2023 3:44:01 PM 17 min read

NOBULL CrossFit Games - Full Production

Our team will start by creating a detailed layout of the event.

From the initial concept to the full production, we are your "easy button".Production Design 

Our experience means we know that this size of an event requires unrivaled event production.

Start to finish, our team of professionals worked to bring CrossFit’s vision to life. Our Production team on-site and off-site was present from beginning to end - making us the easy button for their event.

We know the PM1 Way is the best way to do business – because it’s what we do day in and day out for every customer who trusts us with their event. We would love to share the PM1 Way with you on your next event.  

Our Full Production team will handle the details throughout the event.

On-site Production and Show Management 

Full Production included a dedicated onsite team throughout the weekend. We believe our people are what sets us apart from everyone else. Our experts were onsite day in and day out to create a flawless experience for our client as well as everyone attending

 PM1 team member Chris Osterman ensuring that every seat is the best seat in the house when installing our industry leading bleachers and ADA Ramps. 

No detail is overlooked by team members Chris Osterman and Mike Rohal when installing bleachers and stadium seating.

No detail is overlooked by PM1 team members Chris Osterman and Mike Rohal when installing bleachers and stadium seating for the games.

With over 4000 bleacher seats every spectator could see the every deadlift and snatch of the competition.

With over 4000 bleacher seats every spectator could see the every deadlift and snatch of the NoBull CrossFit Games.

Bleacher Seating and Staging 

Our CAD department designed a large-scale seating solution with a total seat count over 4000.

These industry leading bleachers featured ADA ramps and seating space to ensure every guest was able to see the action as well as multiple stairs for ingress and egress.  
We also provided multiple stage riser solutions for the judging and media teams, which complemented the bleacher seating and created clear sight lines for competition. 
LED Walls and Audio being setup by our team of professionals.

LED Walls and Audio being setup for the NoBull CrossFit Games by our team of PM1 professionals.

Full Production events have your audio and visual production handled from beginning to end by PM1 professionals: Production Director, Bill Lowery and Audio Engineer Nick Meranto

LED Wall and Audio  

While our seating solutions ensured there wasn’t a bad seat in the house, a 30’ x 16’ LED wall and line array audio solutions provided the audience access to the broadcast feed from Hamilton Road Productions. Our professional team of installers and engineers ensured flawless video picture and sound, adjusting throughout the weekend as needed.  

Bike racks and baracades keep spectators and competitors separated

Bike racks and barricades can create clear and ADA accessible walkwaysCrowd Control  

Over 4000 feet of crowd control measures were also provided to separate two competition areas. Bike rack and stanchions were used throughout the convention center to create efficient path of travel and separate back of house. 

Our team of experts ensured that competitors and spectators could achieve their photo opportunity with truss arch, pipe and drape. Event Décor Elements  

Our full production services were used throughout the event, both in materials and on-site support from our staff. By including tables, chairs, and large décor elements, as well as pipe and drape, PM1 was able to provide a full, one-stop solution for CrossFit. Our team of experts are here to help our clients achieve their goals and our goal is to exceed their expectations and bring the vision to life.