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Production Management One Mar 30, 2019 3:36:00 PM 4 min read

Where can I rent a stage in Orlando?

Production Management One recently expanded our Orlando Location.

We're at 9025 Boggy Creek #1 & #2 if you need an Orlando Stage Rental.

We also stock concert barricade, bike rack barricade, bleacher seating, round stages, and more.


Check out our "Orlando Stage Rental" landing page for all the details.

Mobile Stage Rental Orlando

Orlando Mobile Stage Rental

StageLine SL100 or SL50 rentals in Orlando with turnkey service. 

We have deployed Stageline mobile stages from Miami to Jacksonville. In Orlando we've provided mobile stage rental at all of the theme parks and attractions, at private residences, at the Central Florida Fairgrounds, and even in Downtown Orlando in the middle of city streets.

Event Stage Rental Orlando

Stage Rental Orlando

Rent StageRight stage decks from PM1 with "RCID" approved stairs & railings & ADA Access.

We're also here to help if you just have questions, aren't sure where to go next, or need design help. No pressure, just questions answered. We service events everywhere in the RCID, the Orange County Convention Center, The Gaylord Resort, high end weddings, corporate events and everything in between.


For events over inside RCID, ADA Access is Mandatory. Check out our full line of ADA ramps, Lifts, and Elevators.

Contact PM1 Florida