Stop Two on an Iowa Presidential Campaign Tour With PM1's Political Event Production Teams

(Davenport, Iowa) 5AM Call Time? It's actually fun when you know that one of PM1's owner/partners, Iowa Native Jarrad Scott will be there too. This is the second post about my 48-hour whirlwind tour with PM1's National Presidential Campaign Production staff. 

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Production Management One TURNS ONE

April marks PM1's first year. Our teams saw over 900 events from our Detroit, DC, Iowa and Orlando locations. We'd like to thank our clients for the opportunity to build your visions, our employees for their dedication, and our suppliers for helping us succeed. 
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Nationwide Political Event Production

PM1 offers your campaign advance teams, planners, and production teams one-call access to nationwide full political event production and press support. Given a street corner, empty gymnasium, or convention center and we'll fill it with all the experts, gear and knowledge necessary to cue the announcer and stream hundreds of cameras. Knowing that these events are part of making our country's history is the exciting part; keeping their mission-critical timetables is where we excel.

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