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Production Management One Apr 1, 2019 9:29:00 PM 5 min read

Event Trend: Non-Traditional Stage Rental Shapes

What event trends can we expect? Genioso Event Magazine listed one we've been seeing a lot of lately in their article entitled, "Latest Trends in Conference Stage Design": non-traditional stage shapes. Here's a clip:

"Nontraditional stage shapes, like circle or pentagon stage surrounded by the attendees from all sides, are one of the latest trends in stage design inspired by the rise of unconventional event formats such as campfires, fishbowls, Pecha Kucha, Open Space Technology and Unconferences"

We've been providing our custom 22.5' diameter round stage a bit more often lately and have definitely had more requests for round, triangular, and multiple-angle stages.

Clear Round Stage RentalWhether it's used as an entire circle for a 360-degree experience, or half of it on its own (we call it the Half Moon Stage) or as a thrust to a traditional stage, having these custom curved pieces helps set PM1 apart from other companies, without going to a scenic fabricator.

We've even had a few requests to incorporate our clear stage decks into the design allowing for it to be lit from underneath.

With a round stage, the entire audience needs to be configured to adapt to the concept, which is why we've invested in angled decks to enable us to do curved audience risers as well. Here's a great concept for a complete "360-degree in-the-round" theatre that our CAD Guru Ryan Adams used a Spanish Design Inspiration:

Outdoor Theatre in the Round

We're curious what you're seeing in your own events. Let us know on Facebook and LinkedIn. Need more inspiration for your next event's stage rental? Check out our stage rental product page for photos.

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