The Importance of an 8x8 Stage

There were much larger events in Miami yesterday. There were stages that eclipsed this one in size exponentially. We'd just pulled hundreds of decks out of the stadium parking lot up the road from the previous weekend's ten-year mega-festival. But on THIS Monday, THIS stage was important.

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The Fashion Show Runway Miracle in Detroit

(Made in Detroit, Michigan) It's not often that you cry in the events industry; corporate content specifically isn't that interesting and most entertainment events pull on the peak experience strings, not the ones that make you think about the world and how to make it better. It's also not too often that you find clients that actually inspire you to do better, or for that matter an employer who supports it with action. I was following up on a letter we received thanking us for a donation, on official letterhead. I saw fashion show runway. I saw nonprofit. I emailed her, and called her. I had to hear this story.

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Link: Stageright's Ultimate Stage Safety Checklist

(Clare, Michigan) - Not only does our primary stage deck and crowd control barricade supplier StageRight put out the ultimate product (we own, and constantly buy more of their stuff than anyone else's) - they've been putting out some great content on their blog recently. For anyone in the Event Production industry, we'd suggest subscribing to their blog for great #protips. 

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Production Management One TURNS ONE

April marks PM1's first year. Our teams saw over 900 events from our Detroit, DC, Iowa and Orlando locations. We'd like to thank our clients for the opportunity to build your visions, our employees for their dedication, and our suppliers for helping us succeed. 
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Nationwide Political Event Production

PM1 offers your campaign advance teams, planners, and production teams one-call access to nationwide full political event production and press support. Given a street corner, empty gymnasium, or convention center and we'll fill it with all the experts, gear and knowledge necessary to cue the announcer and stream hundreds of cameras. Knowing that these events are part of making our country's history is the exciting part; keeping their mission-critical timetables is where we excel.

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AV Production: Rise of the Rest Florida Tour

(Orlando, Melbourne, Tampa and Miami) Imagine you're an entrepreneur with the next world-changing idea. This is the event that supports your rise to the top. Rise of The Rest is a seed fund, a world tour, and a chance to bring those ideas into being - all in one. Check the video below to see what they're doing to change the landscape of entrepreneurship in the world today.

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Washington DC Full Event Production for NATO at Mellon Auditorium

(Historic Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium, Washington, DC - Photos/Text from PM1's Jeff Lacquement)
This event is a true example of Washington DC Full Event Production teamwork; our team here at PM1 rocked it. There was a change almost daily for Ryan Adams/CAD to deal with along with making sure gear was in the right city at the right time after every change was made.
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Event Trend: Non-Traditional Stage Rental Shapes

PM1 | Non-Traditional Stage Rental Shapes

What event trends can we expect? Genioso Event Magazine listed one we've been seeing a lot of lately in their article entitled, "Latest Trends in Conference Stage Design": non-traditional stage shapes. Here's a clip:

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#Protips: How To Cover A Pool For A Party (Or a Trade Show)

By the time you're done reading this you'll know how to answer two very important questions about pool cover rentals:

  • How to cover a pool for a party
  • What does it cost to cover a pool for a party
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