Gazebo Extension at Henry Ford Village

(Greenfield Village) Our Detroit office fields a lot of staging inquiries around the midwest; each one of them exquisitely different and challenging. This one came in from historic Greenfield Village. It seems "the gazebo was just too small."

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The Fashion Show Runway Miracle in Detroit

(Made in Detroit, Michigan) It's not often that you cry in the events industry; corporate content specifically isn't that interesting and most entertainment events pull on the peak experience strings, not the ones that make you think about the world and how to make it better. It's also not too often that you find clients that actually inspire you to do better, or for that matter an employer who supports it with action. I was following up on a letter we received thanking us for a donation, on official letterhead. I saw fashion show runway. I saw nonprofit. I emailed her, and called her. I had to hear this story.

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Nationwide Political Event Production

PM1 offers your campaign advance teams, planners, and production teams one-call access to nationwide full political event production and press support. Given a street corner, empty gymnasium, or convention center and we'll fill it with all the experts, gear and knowledge necessary to cue the announcer and stream hundreds of cameras. Knowing that these events are part of making our country's history is the exciting part; keeping their mission-critical timetables is where we excel.

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